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6351023 TYXIA 320

Twilight infrared outdoor motion detector

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Primary function:
To send a lighting command to the receiver(s) with which it is associated when it detects a presence in its field of detection, based on luminosity.
When the presence is no longer detected, it sends a Light Off command, based on a pre-determined time lapse.

• The level of luminosity at which motion detection should begin can be adjusted

• TYXIA 320 is compatible with TYXIA 411/412/413/442/443 receivers, TYXIA 10/20/30 packs, TYXIA 630 ceiling receiver, TYXIA 510/520 plug-in receivers and the wall-mounted RF 641/651 receivers
Secondary function: pre-alarm
• When TYXIA 320 detects a presence in its field of detection, different dissuasive actions are possible, depending on equipment installed:
• In the event of an alert, a Light On command (blinking or stable) is sent to the receiver(s) with which it is associated
• Combined with a TYXAL security system, it sends an alert to the control unit, which beeps several times
• When TYXAL equipment is used with an outdoor alarm, it activates its flashing light
• TYXIA 320 can be connected to the control for roller shutters, which lower automatically when a presence is detected

The twilight motion detection and pre-alarm functions can be used together.


• Twilight detector mode:
• Control of TYXIA automated lighting systems when motion is detected in the darkness
- Pre-alarm mode:
• TYXIA 320 can send a pre-alarm directly to an SEFX outdoor siren or an SIRX indoor siren, without going through a control unit
• Activated with an On/Off control or a wireless TYXAL alarm unit when the system is activated, TYXIA 320 controls automated devices such as roller shutters and/or lighting during the night or day when a presence is detected in its field of detection


• Power supply: two R06 3.6 V lithium batteries (supplied)
• Battery life: 18 months to 5 years, depending on control associations
• IP Code protection rating of IP43
• Dimensions: 83 x 73 x 59 mm



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