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6053023 TYBOX 257

Wireless programmable thermostat for boiler or non-reversible heat pump - 6 levels of settings - transmitter only

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• Elegant design with large backlit screen
• Prevents handling errors thanks to the programs and settings lock function
  • Maximises savings thanks to the accuracy of the programming, to the nearest ¼ hour, ½ hour or hour
Intelligence Range
• Choice from 6 adjustable temperatures from 5 to 30°C per day
• Programming can be customised using a switch:
- weekly programming customisable on a day-by-day basis
- daily programming customisable (5 d + 2 d)
• Quick selection of operating modes using the selector dial:
  - On/Off/Auto
- Holiday program with built-in calendar
- Day off program
• Reminder of the annual maintenance service
• Automatic time change: summer/winter
• Calibration of the temperature sensor
• Hourly display of the boiler operating time (excluding DHW)
• Power supply of the room unit: 2 LR03 batteries (supplied)
• Control range from 5° to 30°C
  • Regulation base time can be set from 15 minutes to 1 hour

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