Produkte und Dienstleistungen zur Energieeinsparung und Steigerung des Komforts für Wohnhäuser, Industrie- und Zweckbauten.

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Collective housing

  Fairly sharing

Our solutions


Heating management
• Manage presence/absence periods (day/night).
• Adjust power demand in line with the actual needs and the climatic conditions.


Optimize prices
• Optimize load shedding
• Coordinate management of energy-consuming equipment (heat production systems, heating pads, domestic hot water and ventilation systems, etc.)


Measure to share
• Use sub-metering for individual invoicing (for water, gas and electricity, etc.).

Multi- energies
• Manage all kind of energy: electrical heating, fossil-fuel energy and renewable energies.


• Centralize a site's data in a ready-to-use report that the social landlord can use directly.


Internet Portal
Personal remote access
Global offer.


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