Produkte und Dienstleistungen zur Energieeinsparung und Steigerung des Komforts für Wohnhäuser, Industrie- und Zweckbauten.

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Internet portal Powerbat

Powerbat is an Internet portal. It provides site managers or users with all the keys to maintain the performance and continuously improve the building operation.

Data collecting

The Powerbat web base allows the communication with the open systems to gather all energy and technical information (BMS, electric metering, gas metering, hot/cold water metering and sub-metering) of the connected site(s).

Energy monitoring

Powerbat's processing power and its user-friendly interface automate the feedback of easy-to-read and ready-to-use information.
Thus everyone is able to target over-consumption, technical faults and assess energy performance in real time.

Corrective actions

Powerbat not only displays, it allows the connection to linked BMS systems in order to optimize their configuration (changes to settings, schedules, etc.).

Multi-site management

Data gathering, energy monitoring and remote access can also be carried out on a building stock. Powerbat provides an overview and a comparison of the energy efficiency for a group of geographically remote sites.
Multi-site management facilitates the energy management of a building stock and contributes to the spread of good practices.


The analysis of energy drifts’ origin and the synthesis of comparative data (by zone, by site, by home, by office, etc.) provide the tools required to change user behavior.
Users can view the energy efficiency of their building and their personal impact on consumption. The awareness of users is essential for the continuous improvement of energy efficiency.