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BMS maintenance services

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Preventive and corrective on-site maintenance and online technical assistance and monitoring.
Our technicians ensure the proper technical operation of your BMS systems.
Organised into technical platforms, our technicians connect to your system to control your facility and answer all your questions.
Responsive and close to you, our specialist technicians travel to your site for all preventative and corrective maintenance operations.
Remote assistance
A direct response to all your questions.
A maintenance technician is available to answer your questions and guide you through the operation of your monitoring or energy management system, analysing with you, remotely, any malfunctions and offering any suitable corrective or palliative actions.
  Warranty extension
Preventative maintenance of your system at a fixed rate.
You control costs linked to the unforeseen replacement of faulty materials. In the event of a malfunction of your system, you have priority access to our telephone system, where a special contact person will help you diagnose the problem.
Technical remote control
Regular control of the proper running of  your energy monitoring or management system.
A technician, a single contact person, regularly checks the proper running of your facilities and warns you of any major technical problem. After each verification, your contact person provides you with a report of his analysis.
  Maintenance visit
You want to entrust the maintenance of your site to a specialist.
Our specialist technicians travel regularly to your site to perform all preventative and corrective maintenance operations. After each visit, an intervention report details the checks and tests performs, and presents any actions to be carried out to improve the functioning of the facility.
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