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Energy efficiency services (S2E)

bandeau S2E de Delta Dore

Ongoing search for additional savings with our energy managers

A team of energy managers at your disposal
Energy management is not a new concept at Delta Dore EMS.
For 30 years, our experts have helped our customers to optimise the energy consumption of their buildings. Their skills encompass all activities linked to energy control.

Delta Dore offers several levels of services :

Proposal of specific corrective actions to make more and more savings.

An energy manager is responsible for your site, and regularly connects to the system to :

• control the proper running of equipment,
• analyse energy data,
• alert in the event of drift or malfunction
• recommend improvements
Maximum energy optimisation and guaranteed results

An energy manager supports your energy management to :

• optimise tariff management while maintaining comfort levels,
• identify additional sources of savings,
• alert in case of a major malfunction.

Powerbat®: energy efficiency services web portal
In addition to our range of services, take advantage of simple tools for viewing, analysing and addressing the energy efficiency of a buildings stock

>>Learn more about Powerbat

Stay up to date with your consumption :    
Energy report
Remote evaluation of the consumption of equipment managed by the BMS and proposed improvements to your BMS system in order to optimise your energy performance.
  Preliminary energy diagnosis
A decision-making tool, this assesses the savings that can be achieved by implementing our energy management solutions.
Energy audit
Find out the potential savings generated by implementing an energy monitoring or management system. You benefit from a detailed costing of the investments to be envisaged in addition to the audit, with a personalised action plan based on the return on investment and investment capacity.