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Data centres

Image data centers Delta Dore EMS
You're looking for a solution to :   picto datacenter blanc de delta dore
> Monitor and manage your PUE / CUE / WUE
> Control your energy consumption
> Meet data security and availability requirements
> Adapt and distribute energy according to need (server load)

Solution : Control your PUE
> Improve your environmental approach, through the measurement and summary of your data in the form of an energy score chart or automatic and tailor-made report, particularly through PUE-type performance indicators.
> Optimise energy consumption, thanks to real time adaptation of cold production parameters (temperatures, flow rates, pressure) according to server requests and climate conditions.
> Make your facilities more reliable and secure, integrating redundancy (continuity of service in the case of failure) and management of downgraded modes (guarantee of a minimum service), to reconcile security and availability.
> Ease of management  of the various systems present on site (equipment that consumes a lot of energy, access control, CCTV, fire safety...), thanks to an intuitive tool that is scalable according to the room's set-up.
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The + Delta Dore
> A controlled PUE over the long term
> Multi-equipment control and management (cold, electricity, air conditioning...)
> A single point of contact
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