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Delta Dore launches its new visual identity

Delta Dore Smart is new power

For 5 years, Delta Dore has undertaken a profound digital transformation to better assist your customers’ new needs.

This transformation is the result of a massive investment in innovation, which today enables us to offer you the widest (, affordable and user-friendly) range of products and connected systems for residential housing and commercial buildings.

In this emerging and expansive market, we would like to share the vision that inspires us and has driven our success and our digital transformation.

We are convinced that technology must serve the users. It is not just about making buildings smart, it is about putting each person at the core of the house and the building by really giving them the power to act.

This vision begins to materialise through a new tagline "Smart is the new power" and a new logo which marks a new stage of our history. While keeping our fundamentals, we wished to create a new identity that shows:

  • The important shift towards digital technology with connected offers
  • The synergy of our solutions, simple and affordable to all
  • Our expertise for all kind of buildings, from an individual house to a huge tertiary or industrial site