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Electrical heating programming and load-shedding

Control and programming for an electric underfloor heating system associated with pilot wire electric heaters

Operating principle

The CALYBOX energy manager regulates and programs the radiant electric underfloor heating in 1 zone in heating mode ; the 2nd programming zone is dedicated to electric heater control.

The energy manager optimizes heating within the home based on the outdoor temperature measured by a sensor. It calculates the exact time required to reach the desired temperature by the scheduled time, regardless of weather conditions outside.

The CALYBOX energy manager also features a load-shedding function.

Benefits of the solution

• A single unit placed within easy reach to program and manage an entire installationNo need to get an extra thermostat for the radiant electric underfloor heating - the CALYBOX room unit incorporates the function already
• The optimization of temperature rises, strongly advocated in the RT 2005 French thermal regulations, helps to create a more energy efficient home (improved calculation of consumption)
• Wireless technology means that wireless accessories can be added :

  • For remote control
  • To switch off the heating when a door/window is opened


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