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Add an additional switch to control lighting

Do you have a light switch near the bedroom door and want to add one near the headboard? With our solutions, you can add as many light switches as you want without connecting any new cables, for a seamless look that blends in with your interior.

Wireless two-way control? No problem

To create a wireless two-way system, simply fit a small wireless receiver in the flush-mounting box of the existing switch and install the new control switch in your chosen location.

You can either choose a product that matches your existing switch (in which case a miniature transmitter will need to be fitted in the wall behind the new switch), or simply select a “remote control” switch with an integrated transmitter. Speak to your installer for advice.

This technology provides an easy way to create control points for the same light, all in different locations.

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A wide range of components are available to make your system even more functional and convenient to use, such as the presence detector which can be used to control the light in a hallway.

From two-way technology to dimming, we have a variety of solutions for lighting control. Speak to your Delta Dore installer for assistance in choosing the best solution for your installation and requirements.

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