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Control your roller shutters

Do you have motorized roller shutters at home, individually controlled by switches next to each window?
Centralising, programming and controlling your roller shutters remotely can help you to save time and energy as well as improve security. And it's now easier than you think.

Save time with centralized roller shutter control

Set up a system for the combined control of your roller shutters without worrying about additional wiring.

Simply incorporate a small wireless receiver in each switch using one of the following options:
• Connect miniature wireless receivers in the flush-mounting box of your existing switches.
If you want to motorize mechanical roller shutters without having to connect additional cables to the switches, receivers can be installed directly in the roller shutter casing.
• Replace existing switches with devices that have built-in receivers.


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Your shutters can now be controlled wirelessly from a single point using one of the many devices available (touch screen, switch, digital display or remote control). The choice is yours.
One or more groups of shutters can also be defined and activated separately or simultaneously, all using the same wireless control.

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Program your roller shutters for even more savings

The most convenient form of shutter control is completely hands-free! Automate routine shutter operations with a programmable control that activates the shutters at the times you choose.

An astronomical programming clock – which includes sunrise and sunset functions – allows you to automatically raise and lower the shutters when the sun rises and sets, within the preset minimum or maximum time.

By programming the roller shutters, you can:
• Save time
• Simulate occupancy
• Save energy by maximizing the sunlight during the day and minimizing energy loss at night

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A wide range of complementary products can be added to your system to make it more functional and even more convenient to use; our telephone transmitter, for example, allows you to activate the shutters by a simple phone call or SMS.

Speak to your Delta Dore installer for assistance in choosing the best products for your system.

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