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Make the most of your electricity plan and cut your electric heating bills

Do you have radiant electric underfloor heating and/or electric heaters and want to reduce your electricity bill?

Save on your rate plan with a load controller

Integrating a load controller in your system can help you limit your subscribed demand. Load controllers are designed to organize the operation of all heating appliances based on the property’s instantaneous demand for energy to maintain comfort and prevent tripping. You no longer need to pay a higher rate to provide a little extra energy for just a few days in the year.

Use only what you need with a programmer

With a heating programmer, you can set the time bands when full power is not required, and even have different programs for each area of the home according to their varying occupancy rates. And remember you can interrupt the program cycle at any moment, when you need to.

By programming your heating, you can enjoy energy savings of up to 20% and always come home to the perfect temperature.

Energy manager: A load controller and programmer in one

The energy manager is an all-in-one device that provides load-shedding and programming functions.
The load controller is installed on the electrical switchboard, communicating with the programmer installed in one of the living areas. It is particularly useful as programming settings can be linked to the Tempo tariff.
What’s more, the device can be used to manage the domestic hot water tank.

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The energy manager, the first step in Home Automation

Choosing an energy manager will depend on the configuration of your heating system.
A wide range of products are available to make your system even more functional and convenient to use, such as:
• A telephone transmitter to override the current program temporarily if an expected event occurs
• A consumption meter to measure use-by-use energy consumption

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Speak to your Delta Dore installer for assistance in choosing the best model for your system.

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