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Optimize the energy consumption of a reversible air conditioning system

Just like a heating installation, the operation of multiple split AC systems can also be managed automatically. Centralized control and programming can be used to limit energy expenses while providing optimum comfort.

Programming: cooling and heating only when you need it

Take control with the addition of a programmer to restrict reversible air conditioning operation to time bands matching the rate of occupancy in your property, using the most suitable mode (cool mode in summer, heat mode in winter).

Zoning: save even more with heating or cooling only where it you need it

Not every room in your home or office is occupied at the same time. Heating and cooling requirements will therefore vary from room to room. Using a multi-zone programmer, you can create groups of split systems to operate according to specific needs, with each zone or group controlled by its own program.

This type of targeted programming can generate additional savings without compromising on comfort.

>>> See the "Centralized programming for reversible AC systems" application

Wireless products: easy to install, easy to use

Suitable for both old and new installations, wireless products can bring these solutions to life while blending seamlessly in with your interior.

A wide range of complementary products can also be added to make the installation more user-friendly and convenient, including:
• Opening detectors to switch off the air conditioning when a window is opened
• A telephone transmitter to control the air conditioning remotely
• A consumption meter to provide detailed consumption data

Speak to your Delta Dore installer for assistance in choosing the best model for your system.

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