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Reduce the energy used by an oil or gas boiler or heat pump

If your heaters or hot water underfloor heating system are supplied by a boiler or heat pump, you may have thought about ways of reducing your oil, gas or electricity costs.

Programming – for the right temperature just when you need it

Heating programming allows you to automatically adjust the temperature of your home in harmony with your lifestyle.
You can program the heating to operate at a lower temperature at night and any time you are away from home, helping to reduce your oil or gas consumption.
Meaning that you can enjoy energy savings of up to 20% and always come home to the perfect temperature.

Sit back and let a programmable thermostat take control

Connected to your heating system's boiler or circulator, the programmable thermostat is designed to take care of everything. It controls the boiler to ensure that the room temperature measured always matches the temperature set in your programs, e.g. 20°C when you are at home and 16°C when you are away or at night.

Fewer installation constraints and greater comfort with the wireless programmable thermostat

Easy to move around, our wireless programmable thermostats can be placed where the temperature can be taken most accurately, without having to worry about power supplies or connection cables. A small receiver is installed near the boiler or circulator, where it receives on and off commands from the programmable thermostat installed in a living area.

You can add a wireless telephone remote control to manage the heating remotely by a simple phone call. This combination is particularly recommended for a second home.

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A wide range of products are available to make your system more functional and convenient to use, as well as improve its energy performance, e.g. by adding opening detectors to switch off the heating when a window is opened.

Whether you prefer hard-wired or wireless, your Delta Dore installer will be able to advise you on the best model for your boiler or heat pump.

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