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Secure an apartment or house

Do you want to secure your apartment or house? Now more reliable than ever before, wireless intruder alarm systems provide guaranteed levels of security – without any troublesome cables. These easy-to-use systems offer a wide range of functions to prevent theft and protect you against other domestic risks.

Alarm systems: essential protection against theft

To choose the best alarm system for your home, you need to first identify the most vulnerable areas and appropriate detectors to protect those areas:
• Opening or perimeter detectors for doors and windows
• Motion detectors for circulation areas such as hallways and stairs
For houses or ground floor apartments, the combined use of both detectors is recommended.

Different surveillance zones can be defined and activated independently by linking the alarm to a system with partial operating modes. Setting a perimeter zone will help to protect all access points to the building, for example, even when residents are at home.

Detecting intruders, smoke, leaks and mains power failures – one control unit is all you need

By incorporating other types of detectors in your intruder alarm system, you can also protect your home and its occupants against domestic risks:
• Smouldering fire using an optical smoke detector
• Leaks (water or any liquid) using a leak detector
• Prolonged power outages using a mains power failure detector

All of these domestic incidents are reported by the indoor siren with a specific tone for each type of incident.

Control devices that match each user profile

Incorporating the simplest to the most advanced functions, the devices used to control any alarm system must be tailored to each user profile (i.e. children, adults, young and old). We offer a range of controls, ranging from RFID badges and key ring remote controls to key switch and digital keypads, with or without display.

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Receive alerts and control your alarm system remotely with a telephone transmitter

Ever increasing in popularity, telephone transmitters keep you in active contact with your alarm system. In the event of an intrusion or technical fault, the transmitter immediately alerts you by sending a message to a landline, mobile or remote surveillance centre. It can also be used to talk/listen to the occupants as well as to activate or deactivate surveillance.

Other devices can be added to the system to control the heating, roller shutters, gate or lighting using the same transmitter.

Speak to your Delta Dore installer for assistance in choosing the best solution for your installation and requirements.

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