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Secure business premises

Because any downtime can seriously affect the business of small and medium-sized companies, protecting these premises against theft and vandalism makes good strategic sense.

For commercial premises, a whole range of intruder alarm system technologies are available. To ensure you choose the best technology and system components for you, you need to consider:
• Size and layout: new or existing building, floor area, number of rooms, environment, etc.
• Contents: hardware and/or goods
• Use and occupancy: opening hours, number of employees or occupants, etc

Wireless alarms, essential protection for businesses too

Because many wireless alarm systems are certified to the same level as hard-wired or bus systems, they are ideal for use on premises such as medical and other professional practices, business incubators and shops.

A wireless alarm gives you all of the following benefits:
• A quality alarm system recognized by insurance companies
• Quick installation with no cables or disruptions to business
• Easily upgradeable: components can be moved around or added to suit changes in the layout of the property

For shared premises, a single alarm system can be used to protect several zones individually – as if each zone had its own alarm. When surveillance is activated for all zones, common areas such as the entrance, hallways and toilets automatically switch to surveillance mode.

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Choosing the right control devices

From RFID badges, key ring remote controls and keypads with key switches to mono or multi-code digital keypads, with or without a display, you can mix and match the vast array of devices available to control your alarm system in keeping with the profile of each user.

Receive alerts and control your alarm system remotely with a telephone transmitter

Keeping you in active contact with your alarm system, a telephone transmitter is a must-have for all commercial premises. In the event of an intrusion or technical fault, the transmitter immediately sends an alert to a remote surveillance centre or to a designated landline or mobile phone. Some models can also be used to talk/listen to the occupants as well as to activate or deactivate surveillance.

Speak to your Delta Dore installer for assistance in choosing the best solution for your installation and requirements.

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