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Gate and garage door: remote control sharing

Gate and garage door: individual or centralised control system for 2 outdoor control systems with a single remote control.

Operating principle

Opens and closes, individually or as a group, the gate and garage door with a single remote control.

Equipment used :

• 1 TYXIA 4620 micromodule receiver, connected to the garage door motor,
• 1 TYXIA 6410 receiver connected to the electric gate motor,
• 1 TYDOM 140B key ring remote control to activate the gate and/or the garage door.

commande du portail et de la porte de garage

Benefits of the system :

• A single remote control to control motorised doors and gates of different makes,
• Option to easily add several remote controls to the installation for other users,
• The tropicalised TYXIA 6410 receiver enables outdoor installation in the gate motor system.

Important :

The TYDOM 140B remote control also controls a TYXAL wireless alarm system with visual confirmation of the order sent to the control unit.