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Meeting room: centralised control and programming of facilities

Manage all of the controls in a meeting room from a single point - motorised blind, projector screen and lighting - with centralised control and programming of facilities.

Operating principle

Centralises the controls and program operation of openings and lighting.

Equipment used :

• the TYXIA 4630 micromodule receivers are installed either behind the original hard-wired switch or in the motor system of the equipment to be controlled,
• the TYXIA 4840 micromodules are connected to the lighting points,
• 1 TYXIA 3000 touch screen, on a base unit or wall-mounted, controls the whole system wirelessly. The different pieces of equipment can be controlled individually or as a group and incorporated into preset scenarios. 

commande et programmation des automatismes d'une salle de réunion

Benefits of the system

The wireless technology means:
• the system is suitable for new projects and renovation:
• quicker fitting time
• no damage to interior decoration
Secure wireless range in large areas thanks to the repetition of the wireless signal on each TYXIA receiver registered to the meshed network,
Enables quick and easy switching from one state to another to suit the different stages of a meeting,
Saves energy by programming shutter closure and turning off lights that are left on at the end of the day.

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