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Lighting: timed operation with presence detection

Turn lights on an off automatically as and when required!

Operating principle

Turns lights on automatically when somebody enters and turns them off at the end of the preset time.

Equipment used :

• a TYXIA 4811 micromodule receiver (10 A) is connected to the lighting circuit in the corridor.
• a hard-wired motion detector connected to the micromodule triggers the lighting timer. 

Temporiser de la durée de l'éclairage

Benefits of the system

• helps to save energy on lighting by avoiding lights being on unnecessarily,
• stationary users are warned that the lights are going to go off so they are not left in the dark,
• compatible with all types of hard-wired detector already installed,
• can also work with a wireless control: detector, switch, Tyxia remote control, etc.

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