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DD logo Download Policy

By accepting the terms of use, the user of the "Delta Dore" logo agrees to:
Represent Delta Dore in an appropriate manner with the aim of promoting the brand under all circumstances. Any use likely to harm or tarnish the image and reputation of DELTA DORE is strictly prohibited.
Faithfully reproduce the graphic elements of the logo. The appearance and colour must not be altered at any time:
Aspect ratio: if the logo is enlarged or reduced in size, the dimensions must remain proportional. It must not be stretched or compressed;
The minimum size is 2.5 cm to ensure readability.

  • Leave enough blank space around the logo so that it stands out against the background and other graphic elements.
  • Always show the logo in its entirety. No part(s) of the logo should be reproduced separately.
  • Do not distribute the logo to other users. All requests must be submitted "formally" via the website.
  • Do not place the logo on products of other brands.

Permission to use the logo is granted for one year and is limited to Europe. This is automatically renewed unless terminated by Delta Dore with one month’s notice.

accept the conditions of use of the Delta Dore logo