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GP 40

GP 40
GP 40
6330004 Current transformer

Load controller - Pilot wire installations or via contactors

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• Suited to installations with single or three-phase French electronic meter or with three-phase electromechanical meter
• May be added to an installation already equipped with a programmer
• May be used with all convectors, whether pilot wire or not
  • May be combined with:
- pilot wire programmers
- programmable thermostats
- telephone remote control
• No adjustment needed with a French electronic meter, which transmits load shedding commands directly


• Load controller for French electronic meter or electromechanical meter
• Single phase with the electromechanical meter
• Single or three-phase with the French electronic meter
  • Single phase Cascadocyclique® load-shedding
• Input for various programmers (DRIVER range) or programmable thermostats (TYBOX range)


- Three single dry 2-amp/230 V contacts for pilot wire or contact switch control
- Two inputs for the programmer
- One pilot wire or conventional heating selection input (via contactors)
- Remote-info link by one 0.6 mm2 single twisted pair or remote-info transmitter
  - One current transformer input (supplied separately as an option) for use with a single phase electromechanical meter
- Setting from 15 to 90 amps/230 V in 5-amp steps for use with an electromechanical meter
- Dimensions: four DIN rail modules