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6051138 RADIO DRIVER 620

2-zone wireless programmer for electric heating (pilot wire not connected)

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• To control pilot wire electric heating, split AC systems or hot heating control is used
• Rooms on different floors can be grouped in one heating zone (no wiring required)
  • Built-in wireless technology means no wiring required; access to complementary functions for even more savings


Simple to use
• For controlling pilot wire electric heating or hot water heating
• Rooms on different floors can be grouped in one heating zone (no wiring required)
• Daily or weekly programming for 1, 2 or 3 zones
• Programming by ¼ hour, ½ hour or hour
• Timer-controlled zone override from 15 minutes to 72 hours
• Continuous override function using the selector dial
  • Away program for an absence of 1 to 365 days
• Room temperature reading
Easy to install
• Ideal for when no pilot wire is connected to the electrical
switchboard thanks to the wireless technology
• Unlimited number of receivers per zone
• The battery power supply means it can be mounted to the wall or placed on a piece of furniture


• Technical features
• Power supply: 2 AAA batteries (supplied)
• Battery life: 2 years
  • Wall-mounted or installed in a flush-mounted
box (Ø 60 mm) or base unit
• Dimensions: H 104 x L 80 x D 35 mm


Pilot Wire Wireless Receiver - RF 660 FP
• Combined with a DRIVER Wireless programmer, the RF 660 FP receiver helps you control your heat emitters with ease
  • For 4- and 6-order pilot wire heaters
• Override
• Temperature settings display