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6150032 T1D DIGIT Building / solar heated-DHW control

Electronic differential thermostat

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The T1D DIGIT is particularly suited for the control of solar panel-heated domestic hot water:
- The thermostat controls the water temperature in the circuit,
- It controls the circulation of the heat transfer fluid based on the difference in temperature between the water heater and the solar panel,
- Frost protection function ensures the circulation of the heat transfer fluid when the outdoor temperature falls below a set treshold.
  For example:
If the temperature of the solar panel goes 10°C above that of the water heater, the thermostat activates the circulator so that the heat transfer fluid can warm up the water heater.
If the temperature of the solar panel goes down to 2°C above that of the solar water heater, the thermostat stops the circulator.
- Modular electronic thermostat with digital display
- On/Off control
- Ideal for office building control: aerotherms, ventilo-convectors, electric heating applications when the settings adjustment must be shared
  - 3 sensor inputs (underfloor, solar panel, water heater, outdoor temperature,...)
- Display of the 3 measured temperatures
- Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
- Control range of the 3 settings: -10 to 90°C
- One 5 A configurable dry contact output
  - Operates with 1 kΩ sensors (not supplied)
- Dimensions: 84 x 53 x 59 mm