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TYBOX 5150

TYBOX 5150
6050622 TYBOX 5150
6050668 RF 6450 Récepteur de commande change-over

Zone thermostat for reversible heat pump

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• Simple and fast change of temperature setting using the thermostat
• Compatible with the TYDOM ecosystem for remote control and programming with smartphone or tablet
• Simple and fast installation, thanks to its wireless technology
• Temperature sensor calibration
• Possible locking of setting ranges


• Zone controller for a reversible heat pump system
• Automatic management of hot/cold supply
• TPI controller
  • Modification of the temperature setting for the zone
• Display of the zone’s ambient temperature


• Radio frequency 868 MHz
• Radio range of 100 to 300 meters

Room unit
• Supply: batteries supplied (LR03)
• Adjustment of room temperature settings from 10 to 30°C
• Dimensions: H 80 x W 84 x D 21 mm
• Supply: 230V
• 2 dry contact terminal block outputs