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6414125 TYDOM 2.0

IP/GSM wireless home system transmitter

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• Remotely check in and monitor home by video
• Receive alerts even during power failures and loss of internet connection
• The entire home is connected using the TYDOM remote management tool
• Easy to install and configure


• Video features (combined with video detector and alarm control unit)
- Visual intruder alerts
- Remote home view request
• Detected alarms indicated by SMS or by voice call
• 6 customisable call numbers
• Activation/deactivation : overall or per zone (up to 8 zones)
• SMS alerts for activation/deactivation and control method used (badge, remote control)
• Audio confirmation and intercom
• Secure GSM connection even if power or internet connection is down
• Controls :
- 32 lighting controls and dimming channels
- 16 scenario channels
- 32 roller shutter or motorised blackout blind channels
- 32 automation channels (garage door, gate, etc.)
- 32 heating receivers distributed across 8 heating zones


• Acknowledged high-quality reliable system
• Easy to install and configure