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TYWATT 5100 RT 2012

Pulse transmitter for gas, water or calorie meter

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• Outstanding battery life: 10 years
• Accurate gas, cold water or calorie consumption readings
• Reliable and efficient product, with ATEX certification, for installation on the gas meter


• Displays the readings in association with TYBOX, TYWATT or CALYBOX RT 2012 room units
• Selects the value, according to the meter:
- Total Gas on general meter (dm3 or m3)
- Total water on general meter or water meter (Litre or m3)
- Heater or gas DHW on gas meter (dm3 or m3)
  - Calorific heating on energy meter (calorific in kWh)
- Cold water on water meter (Litre or m3)
- Hot water on check water meter (Wh)
• Possibility of configuring the meter pulse weight (1, 10, 100,1000)


• 3.6V-2.6 Ah lithium battery power supply
• Battery life: 10 years
• ATEX certified products*
• Radio frequency 868 MHz
• Radio range: 100 to 300 m in free field
• Surface mounting or mounting on pipework
• Degree of protection: IPx5
• Pre-wired transmitter
  • Cable length: 90 cm possibility of extending by
• 100 metres using a 6/10 cable
• 2-wire input for pulse function dry contact
• Operating temperature: -20° to +60°C
• Dimensions: H 175 x W 63 x D 47.5 mm
• Reed contact not included
• * Product intended for use in explosive atmosphere