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6110030 TYWATT 5200 RT 2012

Wireless thermal integrator transmitter

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• Accurate energy readings of the heating and DHW system
• Perfect for knowing the performance of the boiler of heat pump
  • Data storage in the event of power failure
• Quick installation and setting


• Displays consumption readings in kWh (in autonomous mode or in association with TYBOX, TYWATT or CA LYBOX RT 2012 room units)
• Calculates calorie consumption of a heating or DHW system using 1 to 4 flow/temperature sensors
• On the hot water system, the reading is taken by 2 flow/temperature sensors with the same diameter or by one DN sensor with pre-set average mains cold water temperature
  • On the hot water system, the reading is taken by 2 sensors installed behind the generator on the outgoing and return circuit


• Radio frequency: 868 MH z X3D
• Radio range 100 to 300 metres in free field
• 230V power supply
• Comes with a mains power cable (length 192 cm)
• Surface mounted
• 4 DN sensor inputs
  • 2 inputs include: 1 DN sensor power supply output, 1 pulse
flow meter input, 1 PT1000 temperature reading input), 2 other temperature inputs only
• Dimensions: H 135 x L 142 x D 50 mm
• Contents: 1 technical unit