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TYXIA 3000

TYXIA 3000
6351297 TYXIA 3000
6700041 Modular power supply 12 V 0.8 A max.
6700042 Flush-mounted power supply 12 V 1 A max.
6700081 Multi-plug supply

Wireless control touch screen for centralising and programming shutters and lighting

This product is no longer available for sale

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• allows comfort to be optimised in both new and existing areas by centralising lighting and shutter management without pulling extra cables,
• can wirelessly control an unlimited number of equipment items linked to TYXIA range receivers,
• is easily installed with a simple set-up, no
  computer or configuration device required,
• operating errors limited with the programming lock function,
• user-friendly and intuitive to use thanks to the colour icons,
• practical, you choose the fitting to suit you: on a base, surface or flush mounteded.
Provides wireless control:
• 32 lighting and dimming channels,
• 32 roller shutter or motorised blackout blind control channels,
• 32 control system channels, e.g. garden watering, motorised gate, etc.).

Programming: allows the programmed automation of on/off or raise/lower commands for one of more groups of equipment:
• can switch up to 6 times a day according to times defined in programmes or sunrise and sunset.
• possible to create 48 different weekly programmes,
• program copy function to duplicate the program over several days,

  • a yearly calendar allows specific exceptions to be programmed,
• Scenario icons: allows regularly used settings to be recorded by the occupant, e.g. evening scenario: lounge light on, shutters and gate closed)
• Room icons: create and name up to 16 rooms in the building and allocate all related equipment to them to facilitate its control.
• Allows the status of all equipment to be known at any moment
• automatic recognition of associated receivers,
• icon names may be personalised,
• Context help for navigating and setting up.
• Colour touch screen 480 x 272 pixels
• 14 recorded languages including FR / EN / ES / NL / IT/ DE
• Dimensions:
• Surface wall-mounted: H 119 x L 174 x D 35 mm
• Spacer strip: H 139 x L 192 x D 10 mm
  • flush mounteding box: H 112 x L 171 x D 40 mm
  Complete with:
• 1 flush mounteding box
• 1 spacer strip
• 1 base unit for mobile installation
(power supply not included)