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TYXIA 4840

TYXIA 4840
6351115 TYXIA 4840

Flush mounted wireless receiver micromodule - phase and neutral powered output - 1 lighting dimming channel + timer

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• is compatible with a wide choice of controls:
> hard-wired push buttons and detectors,
> remote controls, wireless switches, touch screens and other wireless transmitters,
• operates with dimmable lighting,
• automatically recognises the type of load to be dimmed (R, L, C, ESL, LED)


• controls an on/off/dimming lighting circuit from one or more wireless or hard-wired transmitters,
• Gradual delayed switching on/off function in association with a hard-wired movement detector or push-button,
• Timer function: adjustment of lightingoperation time. The desired delay may be adjusted between 10 sec and 1 hr,
• Warning that lighting is about to go off: the lights flash once initially and then a second time informing the user before the lights switch off completely,


• 1 control channel
• 3 pre-wired wires for connection to the local control switch
• 1 hard-wired live input on twilight motion detector,
  • Operating temperature:  -5 to +40°C
• Dimensions: H 26 x L 50 x D 47 mm