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TYXIA 6610

TYXIA 6610
6351376 TYXIA 6610

Lamp rocker switch receiver

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• Controls a lamp remotely via a switch or remote control
• Perfect for switching a light difficult to access on or off
• Also operates as a standard switch
• Compatible with all types of lighting (LED, compact fluorescent, halogen, etc.)
• Simulate your presence by programming whist you are away
• Quick connect terminal blocks for easy installation
• Pull-out resistance for safe use
• Universal product for a universal solution


• Replaces existing rocker or connected in series
• On/Off control of lamps via one or several transmitters
• On/Off control from switch at lamp also
• Compatible with the TYXAL+ alarm
• Presence simulation by switching on a light remotely
• Light state feedback with compatible transmitters


• Radio frequency: 868 MHz
• 1 On/Off control channel
• Degree of protection: IP40
• Live/Neutral power supply via the cord
• Max. 100W powered output
• Type of controlled loads: led, compact fluorescent, low-energy halogen, incandescent
  • Dimensions: H 76.5 x W 36.5 x D 27 mm
• Operating temperature: 0° to 35°
• Max. number of associated transmitters: 16
• Compatible with the mesh network function


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