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Wireless alarm: protection for a house or small business premises

Operating principle

Enables the installation of key equipment for protection of property and people.
Equipment used:
• Control components to activate/deactivate the system,
• Infrared motion detectors and video motion detectors to pick up on intrusions,
• A control unit receives the information from the detectors and triggers the built-in siren in the event of an intrusion,
• An IP/GSM home system transmitter automatically dials the preset telephone number or send notifications on smartphone or tablet,
• An outdoor siren is triggered by the control unit and starts flashing,
• An indoor wireless keypad with  LCD screen stores the last 1250 events.

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Benefits of the system

• easy to use thanks to the control components,
• easy to install thanks to the pre-configuration,
• scalable protection level (addition of motion and opening detectors, an outdoor siren, etc.) without a general reset being needed thanks to the wireless technology,
• option to choose the telephone transmitter most suited to the telephone line installed.