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Combining high energy performance and comfort





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You're looking for a solution to :
> Reduce your operating costs and guarantee effective and responsive maintenance
> Optimise the comfort of occupants while controlling and managing energy
> Monitoring and managing the consumption of several sites
> Complying with environmental labels and requirements
  Delta Dore A+ :

Solutions comply with energy efficiency labels and regulations (RT2012, EN15232, Bail vert, HQE, BREEAM, LEED, ISO 50001, Nome Act, BEPOS) while maintaining comfort.

Delta Dore A+ is an innovative, high performing and simple approach to managing energy. It refers to European standard EN 15232 ranking BMS facilities according to their energy efficiency.

Greater savings and greater comfort

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Avoids over consumption by anticipating weather changes (temperature, wind, sun, humidity, etc.) and the occupancy rate of premises   Creates the maximum logical links in the starting and stopping of equipment to improve comfort and consumption   Defines the forecast consumption profile and adapt the most detailed possible control according to real operating conditions   Provides operational indicators and support to maintain performance levels and ensure continuous improvement
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Les + Delta Dore
> Simple, flexible and durable complete solutions
> Multi-energy consumption and managed comfort
> Multi brand and multi-protocol integration of all the building's smart equipment
> Energy monitoring tools compliant with standards and labels
> Simplified multi-site management
Expertise in integration and energy