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image Hotellerie de plein air Delta Dore EMS
You're looking for a solution to :   picto hotellerie de plein air Delta Dore EMS
> Reduce your electricity bill
> Reduce your operating costs
> Distribute energy costs
> Guarantee your customers' comfort and security

Solution : Savings, comfort and ease of use
> Optimising energy consumption : detailed control of your facilities lets you orchestrate the operation of equipment that uses a lot of energy, according to tariff periods and the occupancy of spaces.
> View and analyse individual consumption for distribution by usage (leisure, healthcare, catering, etc.), by energy (electricity, gas, water, etc.) and by space, enabling real billing by location, as well as the monitoring of "eco-label" requirements.
> Improve the comfort and security  of occupants through the individual control of each zone (consistent management of hot/cold room temperatures, guaranteeing minimum temperatures in swimming pools, maintaining the temperature of domestic hot water) and monitoring alarms (intrusion, smoke detection and water leaks and tripping).
> Simplify the management of equipment : centralisation of comfort controls (heating, lighting, CMV, DHW, barbecue connection), wintering mode and maintenance savings.
The + Delta Dore
> Rapid return on investment
(2 to 3 years)
> Personalised support with a dedicated contact person
> Simplified multi-site management
  Download the Campsite  application datasheet