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Image Fabrication Industry

Delta Dore has a cutting edge, flexible production plant (SMC machines, RoHS-compatible wave soldering machines, vision machines (AOI), in-situ testing, etc.) that allows costs to be controlled, handles both small and large production orders and ensures quality remains consistent. The company implements two tried-and-tested manufacturing methods: Kanban and 5S.

With more than four million units manufactured on its two production sites (1200 different items), Delta Dore is a European leader in the comfort and energy saving sectors.

2 production sites in France :

•  Bonnemain plant, which specialises in small and medium-size production orders (10,000 m2):

- KANBAN: order-based production
- 4 SMC machines (remelting and application of adhesive)
- Vision machines
- Depanelling machines
- Lead-free wave soldering machines
- Tropicalization - painting machine


• Etrelles plant, which specialises in mass production orders (3000 m2) :

- 1 SMC production line for COB components in a clean room