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Delta Dore can guarantee superior quality products thanks to the implementation of quality indicators in all of its internal processes (design, manufacturing, etc.).

Seeking to constantly improve its processes, Delta Dore has introduced several continuous improvement systems which are recognised worldwide for the results that they provide:
• Lean Manufacturing
• 6 Sigma
• Hoshin
• Kaizen

Furthermore, the company holds the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Testing facilities

Delta Dore designs and makes all of its test benches internally (mechanical + electronic + software design and production), enabling:
• Greater responsiveness to our clients' requests for changes (software and mechanical changes, specific checks),
• Shorter lead times, control of our costs, easy adjustment of resources to the quantities produced,
• Consideration of test problems while the electronic boards are being designed.

Types of test:

• Vision test (AOI)
• In-situ test
• Safety tests (insulation, earth continuity, etc.)
• Functional tests: electronic tests with probes, connector tests, JTAG, colorimetry (LEDs, etc.) camera tests (displays, etc.), mechanical tests (presence/absence of part/screw, weighing, torque, etc. ).