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Transmission technology

A specialist in transmission technology, Delta Dore has its own proprietary protocols (X2D & X3D) as well as extensive expertise in other protocols:
• Hard-wired, BUS (X2D, LON, KNX, etc.)
• Powerline Carrier (X2D)
• One-way radio (X2D, RADIAN, KNX, etc.)
• Two-way radio (X3D)
• Infrared
• Telephone transmitter (PSTN, GSM modem, GPRS, etc.)
• IP (TCP/IP, http, Ethernet, etc.)

Delta Dore can therefore offer optimised solutions adapted to business sector and client specifications.

Battery life of products

Delta Dore has products whose battery life is among the longest on the market thanks to the optimisation of its new radio protocol, X3D, and the work performed on the technology of the components. The company can therefore offer its clients several different solutions (lithium batteries, solar cells) in accordance with each client's needs and characteristics.

Design & Technologies

At the cutting edge of technology and design, Delta Dore has a wide range of screen (LCD, liquid crystal matrice, OLED, colour) and control solutions (touch, turn & push button), enabling industrial firms to stand out from their competitors thanks to its extensive range of products.