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As a pioneer in energy saving technology, Delta Dore has always grown through technological innovation.

With 12% of turnover invested in R&D and a team of over 100 experts, technicians, engineers and doctoral graduates, Delta Dore has the highest calibre resources to offer innovative solutions, anticipate needs and meet its clients' expectations.

Specific department dedicated to OEM clients

In order to always improve the support that we provide for client projects, Delta Dore has created a specific structure for industrial clients.

Marketing: analysis of trends and market needs to respond to and anticipate customer requirements better.

Sales: each client is allocated a preferred contact for the entire duration of the project.

Engineering: engineers consider all of the constraints and develop the most suitable and effective solutions with the client.

Design: a team of designers works with the client to create the most innovative and user-friendly models.


Solutions adapted to each industrial client

Business Unit Industry has a range of suitable solutions adapted to every kind of client, from customisation of the product's appearance to its complete design (specifications, analysis and costing, study and design, industrialisation) as well as the certificate application process.

R&D resources

To ensure our clients' products reach the highest standards in terms of design and quality, Delta Dore has invested in state-of-the-art R&D resources:
• Electronic & mechanical CAD: design, simulation
• Faraday cages: an enclosure that permits more accurate measurements
• Electrical safety testing laboratory
• Electromagnetic compatibility testing laboratory
• Bi-climatic chambers: more accurate analysis of temperature controls
• Quality and tests laboratory HALT/HASS test bench (product ageing)



Delta Dore assists its clients with the eco-design of their electronic and mechanical solutions.
• Life-Cycle Analyses (LCA)
• Creation of Product Environmental Profiles (PEP)